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1:1 Million Bedrock Geology: This digital file is made up of two individual 1:1 Million scale published hard copy maps. Please refer to the following citations:

Newfoundland Legend (pdf - 2Mb) : from Geology of the Island of Newfoundland (digital version of Map 90-01, with minor revisions) by Colman-Sadd, S.P., Hayes, J.P. and Knight, I. 1990: Scale: 1:1 000 000. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey Branch. Open File GS# NFLD/2192

Labrador Legend (pdf - 100Kb) : from Geological map of Labrador; by Wardle, R.J., Gower, C.F., Ryan, B., Nunn, G.A.G., James, D.T., and Kerr, A., 1997: Scale: 1:1 000 000. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Department of Mines and Energy, Geological Survey. Open File GS# LAB/1226


For ArcGIS users, to symbolize the regional and detailed polygons and linework, please download this zip file containing the associated layer files.

For MapInfo users, to colour the geology polygons, please go to the MapInfo Tools website, go to the MapInfo Extensions section and click on 'A' to find all the tools starting with 'A'.  The  addcolor-243 MapBasic program is near the top of the list.  Link to that section and download the file.  In MapInfo, run the ADDCOLOR.MBX program through the MapInfo Tools section.  The RGB colour values are in various fields in the shape file tabular dataset (e.g., D_Red, D_Green and D_Blue fields colour the 'detailed' geology polygons). You may need to convert the shape file to a MapInfo file first.


Further maps are available on the Map Indexes website . This site, among other links, provides links to the Index of Bedrock Geology Maps for Newfoundland and the Index of Bedrock Geology Maps for Labrador, similar to the Index of Bedrock Geology Maps layer on the Geoscience Atlas.


Open File reports, maps and digital data issued by the Geological Survey Division of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources are made available for public use. They have not been formally edited or peer reviewed, and are based upon preliminary data and evaluation. The user agrees not to provide a digital reproduction or copy of this product to a third party. Derivative products should acknowledge the source of the data.

The Geological Survey, a division of the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources (the "authors and publishers"), retains the sole right to the original data and information found in any product produced. The authors and publishers assume no legal liability or responsibility for any alterations, changes or misrepresentations made by third parties with respect to these products or the original data. Furthermore, the Geological Survey assumes no liability with respect to digital reproductions or copies of original products or for derivative products made by third parties. Please consult with the Geological Survey in order to ensure originality and correctness of data and/or products.


(example for Detailed Bedrock Geology downloaded database)

Newfoundland and Labrador Geological Survey. "Detailed Bedrock Geology." Newfoundland and Labrador GeoScience Atlas OnLine. Last update: January 2013. . [fill in date downloaded].


For further information please contact:

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